Robert Robertson

Robert Robertson is a Professional Learning Specialist for the Center for Leadership in Learning at the Arizona Science Center. He is a career educator specializing in Second Language Acquisition, Language and Writing Development, and Linguistic Minority Students. With over 25 years of experience, Rob has taught students from kindergarten to college. He has worked in both the United States and Europe as a teacher, program coordinator, educational programs director, adjunct professor and professional development coordinator.

During his career in Europe, Rob participated in developing and running several European educational grants including the Socrates Education Project based in London, England focusing on Minority Education in London City School; the Comenius Education Project based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Vienna, Austria focusing on European Educational Program Managers and the Integration of Multimedia Practices in Instruction. He also worked extensively with the Council of Europe in developing training projects for teachers of linguistic minority students in Riga, Latvia; Strasbourg, France; and Budapest, Hungary.

Since moving to Arizona, he has worked extensively with the Arizona Department of Education both as a program specialist and committee lead for the Arizona English Language Learner Assessment. He has presented at state and national conferences and has consulted in school districts across Arizona in the areas of English Language Learners (ELLs), Writing Development, Teacher Instructional Strategies, and Student Learning Strategies. He has co-authored articles and book chapters on Gifted ELLs, Bilingual Education, Writing Development and Classroom Teaching Strategies. Before coming to the Center for Leadership in Learning, Rob worked with Arizona State University through the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF), which focused on systemic school reform and teacher capacity building in K-12 school districts across northern Arizona.

Rob holds a Bachelor’s Degree in French and English and a Master’s Degree in Bilingual and Multicultural Education. He is currently completing his Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Second Language Acquisition and Writing.

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